Project Collaboration & Client Communication Redefined

Agencies & Creative Teams Manage The Client Journey Smarter with Trackfront's Project Collaboration Tools

  • Eliminate email and view all client communication in one place
  • File sharing, review, feedback, annotation & approvals
  • Manage deadlines, project stages, milestones & progress
  • Ensure profitability by tracking actuals vs. estimated on each project
  • Manage project based budgets, hourly billing & retainer scenarios
  • Create, send & manage proposals & project estimates more effectively
  • Win the business then manage the business all in one place

There's a Better Way to Manage Clients

If you're still using email and a number of different project management, document sharing & review tools to manage clients throughout each project life cycle, you're already experiencing the juggling act. Things end up all over the place and the overall experience for you and your clients isn't great. Trackfront does everything in one place. And it works, because clients don't need any onboarding or training to use it. It's so simple they adopt and start using it right away.

What Does Trackfront Do For Your Clients?

  • All communications, file sharing, reviews, approvals, stages, milestones, due dates and statuses are in one place.
  • The client has access to everything related to the project from start to finish.
  • Every message, reply, file, review, approval is there for all teams to view. It's all transparent, and clients love transparency.
  • Clients don't need to wait for you to tell them where things are at because Trackfront does that automatically.
  • Client satisfaction goes way up as their experience working with you is stress free and problem free.
  • They can quickly find anything related to the project. It's all in one place.
  • Trackfront is so easy to use and intuitive, clients don't need any onboarding to jump right in and start using it.

What Does Trackfront Do For You?

  • You can finally stop searching through your emails for that one thing your client said a month ago.
  • Hold clients accountable as well as yourself. The project wall is a record of everything everyone said throughout the entire project.
  • No one is left out of the loop. Everyone on your team and the client team can see everything related to the project from start to finish.
  • The potpourri of software platforms is over. Work with one single platform to manage clients, budgets, timelines and progress.
  • Quickly see real-time actuals versus estimated which keeps everyone on your team in budget to ensures profitability on each project.
  • Spot budget trouble spots early, before it's too late to do something about it.
  • Easily find any post, reply, file attachment, comment, annotation or approval. It's all on the project wall with simple search functionality.
  • Post, share, review, comment and annotate on any file type: image, multipage pdf, word doc, presentation, videos, etc.

Create Better Proposals Faster & Easier Than Ever

  • The faster you respond to a new opportunity with a customized proposal, the better your chance of winning the business.
  • Proposal templates enable you create customized proposals in minutes.
  • Handle complex pricing scenarios quickly and easily, including recurring charges or optional services.
  • Complete control over visibility of the pricing detail breakdown. Show or hide whatever details you prefer.
  • Build multipage proposals easily with easy drag and drop file attachment functionality.
  • Add contractual language easily and manage multiple sets of contracts as needed.
  • Digital E-Signature approvals make it official.
  • Know when customer view or take action on any proposal, which enables you to follow up at the opportune time.
  • Detailed reporting shows sales and quoting trends over time as well as how much sales opportunity is hanging out there.

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