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Why Email Is Not Ideal For Project Collaboration


Email has been a mainstay of business communication for decades, but it is not well-suited for collaboration. There are several reasons why email is not good for collaboration, including its lack of organization, difficulty in tracking changes and revisions, and the potential for miscommunication.   Read More

Edit Terms & Conditions Contractual Language With Each Estimate


Terms & conditions used to be preset in settings and applied to each estimate. If you needed to make a slight change to the contractual language, you'd have to go to settings and create a new slightly modified version. No longer is that the case with this feature addition.   Read More

Gutter Estimate Software Enables Contractors To Win More Jobs


The gutter installation industry is very saturated. Many contractors and independent gutter installers are offering similar services. So, even though you might be offering a superior combination of products, services, and prices, that overcrowdedness makes it very difficult for your customers to determine which is the best person for the job.   Read More

Tips for Better Project Collaboration with Clients or Internal Teams


If you work with project on a day to day basis, you know that one of the biggest challenges is keeping everyone on your team, the client team or other internal teams all on the same page with clear communication and access to critical information and assets throughout the project life cycle.   Read More