What It's For

Growing Sales & Profitability

Trackfront enables you to create very detailed and customized cost estimates as well as full proposals with customized attachments and contract language. Once you've set everything up and created proposal templates based on your most common quoting scenarios, creating new proposals is quick and easy. And we all know that the quicker you respond to a new sales lead with a detailed proposal customized to your clients requirements, the better your chances of winning that business. Plus, when your estimates align with your teams tasks, Trackfront's budget tracking features ensure your projects don't go over budget and ensure profitability.

Project & Job Based Businesses

Trackfront was built for project based businesses. Each project or job has unique requirements, so we built a suite of tools designed specifically to make the complexities of managing a variety of different projects simultaneously easy and efficient. Win the job by providing customized detailed proposals way faster than your competition. Then, give your client a dream experience as you walk them through every stage of the project, making communications, file sharing, approvals and feedback seamless and smooth. And when clients have a favorable experience, they are far more likely to return in the future with more business.

Better Team Collaboration

By having all communications, file sharing, assets, reviews, feedback, annotations, approvals and change requests all in one place, team collaboration becomes a breeze. Trackfront lets you structure projects and team collaboration customized to the way you works. Divide up projects into stages defined by you. Set milestones and deadlines for each stage. Add as many people or teams as needed. And unlike many instant messaging apps, finding a post, reply, approval or file is quick and easy with Trackfront's built in search and filtering tools.

Remote Work Management

Trackfront is cloud-based, so team communications and collaboration can happen in one place while team members can be anywhere around the world. With an ever growing demand for remote work and team collaboration solutions, Trackfront empowers teams to work more effectively than ever before. Plus, all the hassle of managing a team of remote employees, contractors or partners goes away with Trackfront's built in tools. Know the status of any project at any time, and identify problem areas and potential budget overruns before they occur.

Replacing Email & Instant Messaging

We all know what a pain email can be. Instant messaging apps are a close second when it comes to frustration and confusion when communicating with multiple team members and clients. The biggest problem is organization and segmentation of communications based on the needs of each individual project. Trackfront solves the communication problem by segmenting projects into different project stages, and all the communications are separated out within each stage. Plus, every project has it's own communication wall, so finding relevant information is simple, effective and easy.

Quick Quotes, Estimates & Proposals

Creating detailed, accurate cost estimates and customized multi-page proposals used to be difficult and time consuming. Trackfront gives you the best of both worlds. You can now create very detailed cost estimates with cost considerations given to the most granular element of what youre estimating. You can show or hide as much of the nitty gritty details as you want for each client. Plus, Trackfront lets you store all of your proposal elements in once place so you can easily pick and choose the right combination of supporting sales materials as needed for a particular client. Put your most common proposal scenarios together by creating templates, and you'll be able to create custom proposals and cost estimates with contract language, terms of service or statements of work along with digital e-signature approvals in minutes instead of days.

Who It's For

Marketing Teams

Marketing teams are always juggling tons of projects whether it's internal or client related. Trackfront empowers marketing teams to manage all of their projects or initiatives in one easy to use platform. By compartmentalizing all communications, file sharing, feedback and approvals into customized stages for each and every project, team members stay on top of things and collaboration becomes a breeze. Trackfront focuses on communication rather than task management. When your teams communicate and collaborate effectively, projects move forward and goals are met.

Creatives & Agencies

There's no better tool for creatives or agencies to manage client projects than Trackfront. We all know that clients can sometimes take a project or you for a ride. By keeping all project communications, files, assets, feedback and approvals in one place, nothing gets lost in translation and everything is transparent. Trackfront enables both you and your client to seamlessly navigate even the most complex project with ease. And best of all, everyone is on the same page and knows where the project stands at any time. You're happy. Clients are happy. You get to do your best work and clients appreciate the end result and the process.

Video Production

Video production companies face a unique set of challenges when it comes to project collaboration. Trackfront empowers you to collaborate more effectively on video-based projects than ever before. Not only will you be able to communicate and organize projects with customized stages and reviews, but you can easily manage multiple versions of video assets side-by-side, playing them simultaneously together to make sure revisions were executed properly and comparing notes and comments across various versions of a video. Everything comes together on the project wall, where you and your client can quickly see everything that was said, done and approved on a project from beginning to end.

Software Developers

Software development in a team environment can often be difficult to manage. Trackfront makes team collaboration and project management efficient and effective by organizing projects into unique stages and milestones defined by you. All communications, posts, links, file sharing, approvals and reviews happen in one place where every team member works together and stays on the same page throughout the entire project lifecycle. Developers, engineers, UI/UX designers, and project managers can quickly navigate the most complex projects. Collaboration becomes a breeze and goals and milestones stay on track. Loop clients into the conversation and theyll never have to ask you where you're at with the project.

Construction & Trades

Whether you're a commercial construction company, a home builder, a landscape company or an architect, Trackfront empowers you to work with staff, contractors, laborers, designers, and clients in a much more effective and efficient manner than ever before. Informed clients are happy clients, and when you organize and set up projects with Trackfront, everyone is on the same page. Your teams will work together more effectively through customized project stages. Clients will always be updated as to where a project is and can easily communicate, provide feedback, and approve milestones throughout the entire project. Your clients will be happier than ever, and you'll have complete control over project profitability and budgeting.

Service-Based Businesses

Service-based businesses such as interior designers, architects, consulting firms, IT companies and event planners understand that business success depends on managing client expectations through what are often complex projects that are unique to each and every client. Trackfront takes client communication and project collaboration to an entirely new level. Clients will love that they can always see where their project is at. All communications, file sharing, reviews and approvals are all in one place. Miscommunication becomes a thing of the past as you navigate your client through project stages and milestones customized to their unique requirements. Everything becomes transparent and client satisfaction goes way up. And we all know that happy clients are return clients.

Transform the attorney client relationship into a much more organized, productive, and transparent journey. Say goodbye to emails, voice mails and misunderstandings. When the client can see their entire case history and all the communications between them and their attorney in one convenient and easy to navigate space, miscommunication, legal document confusion and billing disputes become a thing of the past. When your client can easily see a timeline of progress towards their goal, their minds are put at ease, and trust goes way up. Plus, billing is tied to events and communications so both you and your client can easily see how much billable time was spent through the various stages of the engagement.

Sales & Account Managers

Creating customized proposals used to take lots of time and effort. Now with Trackfront, you can create custom proposals & cost estimates faster and easier than ever before. And we all know that the faster that you respond to a new opportunity, the better your chances of closing the deal. Trackfront enables you to create custom proposals and detailed cost estimates easier and faster than anything else. Imagine being able to create a 30 page custom proposal in minutes, not days. That's the power of Trackfront. Sales teams can even setup internal reviews with team leads or sales management before it's sent to a prospect or client.